Blocked Drains

Network Plumbing's professional team of plumbers will clear your blocked drains and sewers, whether it be an emergency or routine call any time, day or night!

Whether it be a sewerage or stormwater drain in your home or office, Network Plumbing has the expertise to quickly clear your blocked drains. Our fleet of trucks are all set up with the right equipment to clear your blocked drains on-the-spot.

This is a simple 4 step process:

 1.  Assess The Problem

A thorough assessment is carried out to establish possible cause of the blockage.The surrounding area is also inspected to avoid unnecessary digging. Quick and efficient  pipe locators may be used above the ground to see where your pipes are located below   the ground.

2.  Clear The Blockage

Blocked drains and sewer can be cleared by use of High Pressure Water Jets. Network Plumbing's highly trained operators use a full range of the latest technology in drain cleaning equipment, including a large volume high pressure water jetter for big jobs.High Pressure Water Jets provide the best root cutting ability on long or short runs and remove all roots, grease, dirt and sand. This is the most efficient and cost effective way to have your drains cleared.

3.  Closed Circuit (CCTV) Camera Inspection of Drain

Find out what caused the blockage by having a CCTV camera inspection carried out. This equipment becomes our eyes underground that provides you with a very accurate diagnostic report, including exact pinpointing of the problem causing the drain to be blocked.  At Network Plumbing we have a wide range of specially developed cameras that provide a full colour inspection of your pipes. Our cameras have large screens, enabling quicker, easy detection of blockages.We do more than just look for the problem, we also look for the best method of repair.

4.  Avoid Further Blockages

If your drains are cracked or broken, and replacement of these lines is not yet an option, further tree root regrowth can be controlled by a programmed maintenance schedule.Read more under our drain maintenance page.

Find out more about your drain repair methods and the importance of preventative drain maintenance.

 quickly clear your blocked drains


quickly clear your blocked drains


quickly clear your blocked drains


quickly clear your blocked drains

quickly clear your blocked drains

Blocked drains