Emergency Plumber NYC When it’s raining inside your home, or sewer overflowing in your hallway, speed is of the essence and now isn’t as good as five minutes ago! 

That’s why we have a 24/7 Emergency Response Team that operates around the clock. Unlike other companies, we deliver what we promise. Our guaranteed emergency service is genuine and no matter what time day or night, whether it be a dripping tap or overflowing sewer, your call will be answered by a plumbing manager or staff member who can assist you to make the right decision for your emergency problem.Our emergency response staff will firstly define the nature of the emergency and the best immediate remedy, followed by an instant dispatch of one of our fuly equipped truck. We know that these situations can be stressful and our insured, licensed, professional and uniformed technician will be able to turn what can be a worrying experience into a pleasant one.  

When plumbing emergencies occur, don’t just ignore it! Its time to call an experienced Waterhouse NYC Network Plumber. Temporary fixes can help reduce the severity of the symptoms, but in the long term can make the underlying issue worse. A slow leak from the base of a hot water system can turn into a burst hot water system sooner than you think.  

Regular maintenance and prevention is the best way to avoid plumbing disasters. Ask about our Membership plan that can give you peace of mind and help protect your biggest asset as well as fantastic discounts.

Whether it be a blocked grease trap on New Years Eve, an overflowing toilet on Christmas day, a burst hot water system on Tuesday Night or a gas smell on Sunday afternoon, Waterhouse NYC Network Plumbing have dealt with many emergencies during the 26 years of operation. It might even be a simple question you might need an answer too. For a genuine, fast emergency service, Waterhouse NYC Network Plumbing are waiting for your call and ready to help you and impress you with our plumbing, hot water and drainage knowledge, service and professionalism.

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Emergency Blocked Drain 


Blocked drains are usually only evident once the drain becomes entirely blocked and either begins to overflow outside of the toilet bowl and or plumbing fixtures are slow to drains.

 Bad odours and gurgling noises are also indicators that your drains are beginning to block and should be acted on immediately. 

Blocked drains occur when you least expect it  and always at the most inconvenient time. Blocked and slow to drain pipes can be caused by debris, a lodged object but most commonly tree roots.  

When blocked drains eventually overflow they can cause destruction and damage that can end up being very costly and cause further plumbing and drainage issues.  

The Network Plumbing Emergency response team are fully equipped with the experience, knowledge and equipment to handle any drainage situation. Using a high pressure water jetter the technician will clear the blockage, followed by a CCTV camera inspection to identify and locate the blockage and lastly providing you with a solution to rectify the issue permanently.  

No matter what time day or night, Network Plumbing are your 24/7 genuine guaranteed emergency blocked drain specialists.